Women Low Job paid help and Challenge
Although there is a sound of happiness where there are many opportunity from women to work in outside, there are a big question and challenge that wait for them in the future and present. There is a recent study that women are likely to work in formal and sometimes they are hard to take higher position. Talking about women that work in big business, Alison wolf that becomes the feminist research tells that there is women that work in low-paid and the amount is millions. The big business is often employ women is several position that stagnant and they often use them as worker such as in their manufacture as employee. She said that the modern feminist is benefit only for elite metropolitan elite and they are not touching to the women paid and promotion to women. There should be more concern on women that millions are low paid in their worker and they need to be challenge with their skills and support that comes from women independent organization and government.

Women Quality Challenge
The challenges for women that work for their low-paid is completely makes them need to be stiff and improve their quality. The quality improvement from their skills is very important that makes them are able to increase their paid and get to higher position. However, it is found that women who work in low-paid job is not able to follow training or course to improve their skills because they are haven’t more time to get course, or they are not able to pay the training skills. This is a dilemma that occurred in women improvement. In one side, there is more opportunity from women to take jobs in outside with more job opportunity for them, however, this can be a dilemma when they are paid in low payment. The partnership in making skills training to improve their skills is very important and give them opportunity to take higher education that allow them to have higher position is better than just enforce their manufacture or work place to raise their payment.
Government and Independent Partnership
To improve women with low paid job skills, there are several ways that can be done. The successful women entrepreneurship can be examples from the partnership where the government gives the facility to gives the independent organization to takes trainings skills and share to make them as entrepreneur that role their own business even with small scale. It is better when they are able to have this opportunity and make them as leader for their business. They are able to earn money and make them able to care their home with their own hands. The opportunity to take higher education by taking open education university can be an open door for them to have higher position and take more level in their workplace. It is a big hope that will be more women that success with their family and their work in same time and make them able to have better life.

US Military and Ebola Mission in Liberia are coming to the End
Ebola mission in Liberia comes to the end for US military. Thanks to the near zero infection rate, President Barrack Obama will end this mission on the next month. In December, the number of the US troops reached 3,000. This number will fall up to 1,300 in this week. But more information about the soldiers declined by the official. This is because the government is not ready to reveal this plan to the public. However, the government cannot return their military just like that. Based on the official source, the returning troops will be replaced by the smaller force. It might be about 100 troops. This information also confirmed by Liberian Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai and the director of operation in West Africa, Brice de la Vingne.
About Ebola Virus
Ebola virus disease caused by ebolaviruses and may suffer by human on the other primates. Typically, the symptoms start between 2 days up to 3 weeks after contacting with the virus. The symptoms are including fever, muscle pain, headaches and sore throat. And then, it may grow to rash, diarrhea and vomiting. The function of the kidneys and liver will reduce, internal and external bleed may also experience by some people. It is deadly with 20% up to 90% risk of death.
This virus may spread by the direct contact, specifically to the body fluid. This is including blood and the other body fluids. The carrier of Ebola virus is not just human. Animals may carry this virus and spread it by their blood too. It may also infected through the contaminated items and spread through the air. This is why this virus spreads so fast.
Fighting Ebola Virus
It is about 5 months for the US troops. While in the West Africa, they have served and fight the Ebola virus together. Building clinics, testing the Ebola infection and provide the medical training are just a few of them. Fortunately, there is no Ebola virus infection case among the service members.
It stills unclear about the direct role of the US troops. In fact, the illness rates has been falling since the last November. This is a week before the core mission of the US troops completed, specifically in building training staff and clinics. There are about 10 Ebola treatment units was built by the United States and about 8 others by Liberian force. When the number of the new Ebola cases began to fall, the money for the Ebola virus handling is nearly empty. Maybe this is the other cause of the withdrawal.
The Dramatic Decline of Ebola Infection
In the beginning of November, the new Ebola infection case is dramatically reduce. But the cause of this phenomenon is still unclear and still studied. If the cause has been found, it may bring the huge change, especially for the medical world.
Ebola case is getting lower and reach nearly zero. Hopefully, it will be fall again. And finally, there is no more Ebola virus case in this world.

Mayday Message before TransAsia Airways hit the Bridge

“Mayday, mayday, engine flameout”, this is the last voice that was heard from TransAsia Airways. Some people believe the man voice is coming from the cockpit and was transmitted before the plane crashed. The recording also verified by LiveATC.net which is recording the air traffic control all the world. But it stills unclear about the status and the identity of the man. Is it the pilot’s voice or not?
Nightmare on Wednesday
TransAsia Airways crashed into the Keelung River, Taipei with totally 58 passengers inside. This tragedy happens on Wednesday and captured by a dash cam. In the crash, at least 31 died and 12 people are still missing. Taiwan Rescue Team are still searching all of them. The flight had 58 passengers and the most of them are China’s travelers.
Fifteen Passengers Alive
The Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan confirmed 31 people were dead and 15 alive with injuries. But the victim is not just coming from the TransAsia Airways passengers. Two people on the ground are also hurt by this accident. To hoist the plane, Taiwanese rescue used the large crane. It was made to find the survivors and 1 person was found in the part near the river.
When it talks about the other survivors, Wu Jun Hong looks not too optimistic. His team is still looking the 12 people but he cannot confirm about the condition. Of course people still hoping for the best, but they also need to know the situation. However, Taiwanese rescuers will do the best to find all of the passengers.
The Tragedy has been recorded by Dash Cam
The crash of TransAsia Airways has dramatically recorded by dashcam from vehicle on the highway. The video clearly shown the tragic crash. In the video, the plan was losing control and losing the lift. But many Taiwanese honor the pilot and said the pilot was made the right decision that controlled the plan to avoid more casualties. If the plan hit the road, school or apartment, the damage can be much more serious than this. Even Taiwan’s Liberty Times quoted the comment that praising the action of the pilot. Unfortunately, the condition of the pilot who identified as Liao Jianzong is still unknown. But the authorities said, the most cockpit crews are confirmed dead.
Plane is gliding before Crash the Ground
The pilot who flew ATRs said the plane looks gliding before the crash. Stephen Fredrick identified it from the position of the nose, the wing and the level. When the plane is getting closer to the highway, the position of the plan was changed and the left wing loses the lift. This is why the plane was dramatically turn the direction to the left and causes crash.
On the mayday message, the voice said it was the single engine flameout. But it stills under investigation. But Frederick said it could be caused by dual engine flameout. This is because of the distance between the plane and the airport which is only 3 miles or 5 km. He said, pilot is able to continue the flight if there is only one engine failed. But considering about the distance, the problem engine may occur after takeoff.

NATO Ministers and the Strategy to Handle Middle East Threats

On Thursday, NATO defense ministers will gather the alliance to decide the key of the Readiness Action Program. This program was aimed to strengthen the ability of the alliances, specifically in responding the security challenges that may come from North Africa, Russia and Middle East. Oana Lungescu, the NATO spokeswoman said the military chiefs will determine the composition and the force size of the 28 member states to response the specific threat. It will be the first opportunity for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to respond the security challenges specifically from the new Islamic militants and aggressive Russia.
Russia and the Conflict of Ukraine
Conflict between the Pro-Russia and Ukrainian government seems to be no end. A few times ago, ceasefire agreement was rejected by the Pro-Russia. Even they insist about it and will reject any attempt of ceasefire. The problem is getting serious and the truth was revealed one by one. NATO officials have been accused the Russia about their act in this conflict. They accused Russia for supplying fighters and arms to the Russia separatist. Moscow also denies the satellite imagery that shown the Russian convoys in the Ukraine.
Based on the monitor of European security, they have reported the increasing movement of the Russia military vehicles to the separatist territory. It seems to be a reinforcement from the Russia for the separatist to help them seize Donetsk international airport.
Help for Ukraine
So far, United States and European Union has been limiting the aid to the supplies and nonlethal equipment. This is including food and also night vision goggles. But in the other side, Russia improving the support to the separatists. This is why United States security figures asked President Obama to provide weapons for Ukraine. At least, it helps them to defend themselves.
Lethal Help to Ukraine
In the Senate confirmation, the defense nominee, Ashton Carter said he would consider about military aid to Ukraine. He said, increasing the American military assistance may help the Ukraine government to fight the Russian separatist. This help is including the lethal arms sale. But white house is thinking about the opposite. They think lethal weapon may turn the war any further even worsen the situation.
Lethal help is not always good. If Ukraine government gets the lethal help from the other countries, their ability as an independent country will be at risk. Russia said, they will not respected the integrity of Ukraine’s territories anymore. If it that so, course it leads Ukraine to the worse situation. At least, this is what Russia want to affirm.
Although United States does not give the lethal help yet, Germany has been sending more weapons to the Ukrainian conflict. But Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor said it is not to give more pressure to negotiate specifically for the end of the war.
Actually, weapon request has been made by the Ukrainian president too. Ukrainian president was called NATO to give the lethal help to end this conflict. Although it still considered by IMF, he expects for the good decision soon.

Jordan’s King Participate to the ISIS Raids Personally

Jordan’s King Abdullah II response the death of the Jordanian pilot so seriously. For him and for the world, ISIS is getting too far. They act too far and murdering people without guilt. Even Jordan’s King Abdullah II will vow the severe response to ISIS and participate personally on the ISIS raids. He said, the death of the Jordanian pilot will never be in vain. It is clearly show how serious the king will response this security threat.

Inhuman Murder
Extremists will kill anyone who hinders them. It seems inhuman, but this is what people see from the ISIS’s acts. Hundreds of people were brutally killed by ISIS. They behead the hostages, crucified them, burying them alive even killing Iraqi children. On the latest case, a Jordanian pilot was murdered and burned alive. Many people curse this act. Unforgiveable, this is what Jordan’s King Abdullah II said. As the countermeasure, Jordanian government executed a suicide bomber of Iraq, Sajida al Rishawi and Ziad al Karbouly, Al Qaeda spy.
Between Religion and Politic
At the beginning, ISIS is not just fighting for their religion. This is about politics and building the Islamic rule. Of course there is nothing wrong about it. In fact, Islam wants to make peace and the good governance. But ISIS interprets it with the wrong way. This is why they fight something that they called as the evil with the evil ways.
Until now, ISIS network has spread around the world. This is not just in the middle-east, the other countries such as United States, Europe and Asia became their target too. Even their volunteers are also coming from the other country. Their army is not just coming from middle-east. They also fight with the strong belief. This is why they do not fear with the death.
Until now, they are still fighting and enlarging their territory. After taking control to the Iraq and Syria, they enlarging the territory to Lebanon.
The Territory of ISIS and its Condition
Until now, there is only a few information about the condition of the ISIS territory. But a German journalist, Jurgen Todenhofer becomes the first west journalist who come into the ISIS territory. While in the ISIS’s territory, he saw one thing. ISIS is stronger than the most people think. They have the strong belief and hundreds people joining ISIS every day. The volunteers are coming around the world with the various background.
Islamic caliphate that proclaimed by ISIS has been running here. Just like in the other country, they are well organized. They control the security and care for the poor. This condition well accepted by the most people in the ISIS territory. The situation is pretty normal. But in the other side, it also looks gripping enough.
The War is still Going On
Jurgen Todenhofer said, the West does not have any concept to handle this threat. ISIS is getting stronger and their territory is getting larger by the time. They are in the civil society and crust them with a bomb will only kill thousands of civilians. He said, the only one who can stop them is Arab nation.

Jeb Bush Looking for Tackles Questions about His Name

Jeb Bush, the Republican politician realizes his last name can be a tackle in 2016 presidential campaign. He also said he will work hard to connect himself with people by doing it with his own way. In a speech, he attacked against the President Barrack Obama policy, specifically on the Middle East policy and promised the optimistic campaign. He said, conservative principles will be the base of the campaign itself. But he also want to make it more competitive especially for the next presidential races.

Why the Third Bush Should Live in the White House?
This is the first question that he found on the Detroit event. He said, this is a challenge for him. But this question is still not answered. One thing that he wants to do is just convincing people about his concern about what people care about. He wants to be in the people’s side. But when it connected to his father and his brother, he will do it with his own way. He will not take the same way as his brother, George W. Bush or his father, George H. W. Bush.
On the comment, people can see how he will be. It also suggested to the people if he might not take too much advantage from the former president, specifically to help him in this campaign.
Jeb Bush Critics to the Barrack Obama Government
Jeb Bush criticized about the Obama’s handling, specifically to the threat of Islamic State. He said, this is the result when US pullback their military from region. But in the other case, he also concern about how US troops should be deployed. US military cannot be deployed every time for every global challenge. Of course it was made to put the space between his brother and him, specifically on Iraq war. If that so, the Bush’s speech show enough information about what he will be made if he was elected.
In the other debate, he also criticized about the liberal mindset. The progressive liberal mindset may create a spider web and traps people to the dependence protracted. An illusion behind the independence.
Enthusiasm about Immigration
Jeb Bush is a tolerant person, specifically on the culture. He is bicultural and live with his Mexican-born wife. He said, bicultural can be more important than bilingual. It teaches people about tolerance and allows people with the different culture to live together. He chooses to Miami as their living place also caused by its bicultural. In the United States, Miami is a bicultural city. Many people with the different culture live in here. He also want his children to live and grown up in the bicultural environment, in the bicultural way.
Their family are talking in 2 languages. One time they will talk in English. In the other time, they talk in Spanish. This is because his wife is not too comfortable with English. This is why their children can talk in those languages too.
Talking about immigration law, he talked about the major changes that must be made. He want to end the immigration war and make his country to be a better place for immigrants.

First-time-father Divorced Because He Wants to Keep His Down Syndrom Baby

Having a baby is one of the best gifts in the world. But, it is not so for Ruzan Badalyan, a mother in Armenia. She abandoned her newborn Down syndrome baby, Leo, a week after giving birth. She was ashamed of having a baby with Down syndrome and asked her husband, Samuel Forrest, to choose between her or Leo.
Forrest chose his innocent baby of course. He said that it never crossed his mind to abandon his son even after the doctor had said that Leo is suffering from Down syndrome.
“They took me in see him and I looked at this guy and I said, he’s beautiful, he’s perfect, and I’m absolutely keeping him.”
Now, Ruzan Badalyan had filed for divorce. She has confirmed the divorce to media. But she did not elaborate her information.
Down syndrome baby in Armenia
Leo is not the only baby with Down syndrome who is abandoned in Armenia. In this country, parents believe that Down syndrome babies will bring shame to the family. Ruzan Badalyan and her family believe it too. She did not even want to see or touch her baby.
Forrest had not known about this fact before. He said that people in Armenia will tell you do not need to keep the baby. After his son, Leo, was born, he found out that most parents abandon their Down syndrome babies. Thankfully, there is special orphanages that will take care of them.
He also found out that countless of babies are abandoned because of imperfection, intellectual disabilities, and physical disabilities. According to his statement, about 98% of Armenian babies with Down syndrome are abandoned each year.
Samuel Forrest’s GoFundMe page
Samuel Forrest is originally from New Zealand. He worked as a freelance contractor in Armenia. Living in a foreign country with an abandoned new born baby is not going to be easy. That’s why he plans to move back to Auckland, New Zealand. In this city, he and Leo will have a better life than in Armenia. They will have more support from his family. In this country, there are schools that will educate Leo no matter his condition is. However, it all costs money. Samuel Forrest does not have enough money to go back to New Zealand and start a new life there. That’s why he set up GoFundMe page.
Through this web page, he hoped that he can raise $60,000. With this amount of money, he can take care of Leo while he is doing a part-time job for a year. He does not want to take Leo to a daycare. He wants to be more involved in taking care of him.
More than 15,000 people have visited this page. At this time, this page has gained more than $400,000. It takes less than a month to raise this big amount of donation. Samuel Forrest plans to use this fund not only to fund his new life in Florida. He will also donate it to an orphanage that takes abandoned babies with Down syndrome regularly. He will also donate it to parents who want to keep and raise their Down syndrome babies.

Prince William will come to China
Prince William, the Britain’s Duke of Cambridge scheduled to visit Shanghai, Yunnan and Beijing. Based on the statement of Barbara Janet Woodward, the British ambassador to China, this visit will start on March 1. Since the last 3 decades, this is the first visit of the British royal family to China mainland. A highlight of the visit is the Great Festival of Creativity that will be held in Shanghai. In here, Prince William will highlight the contribution of the Britain specifically on the commercial creativity.
There are dozens of business leaders from several companies joined to the New York’s reception that hosted by London and Partners. For this visit, Woodward said she will start to make preparation. A task for British ambassador to China.
Festival of Creativity Shanghai
The festival will be held at Shanghai Long Museum, West Bund since March 2 up to 4 and it will be led by the Prince William by himself. In this festival, the show will be focusing on the UK innovation especially in its best sectors including luxury retail, technology, fashion, health and entertainment. And of course, it will be a Britain’s effort for seeking opportunities in China.
Visiting Research Development Center and Wildlife Conservationist
The agenda of Prince William in China is not just about festival of creativity Shanghai. In his visit, he also likely to visit the other places such as Huawei research and development center and wildlife conservation. In Huawei research and development center, he want to look how the huge telecommunication network and also service provider works.
Prince William also known as a wildlife conservationist. This is why he interested to visit the wild elephant and also promote wildlife protection at Southwest China’s Yunnan.
Chinese Responses
The news about the Prince William visit has spread in China. In a China micro blogging service, Sina Weibo, this news received the good response. China society welcome Prince William very well. Even they look enthusiast about it. But for this time, Kate the Duchess of Cambridge will not accompany her husband. She have to prepare to give their child in April.
Tian Dewen, a European researcher that works at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences also gave the positive response. He said, this visit will contribute to the better relationship between United Kingdom and China, not just for the business but also for the other aspects too. He also said it will be an important diplomatic effort for both countries. But he expects, it should not be a political move. Looking at the agenda, he assume Prince William will focus on the global topics such as wildlife protection.
The Previous Visit of the Royal Family
Before it, the royal family visited China in 1986. Queen Elisabeth II and her husband Prince Philip visited China to answer the invitation of the Deng Xiaoping leader. In that time, the queen visited The Great Wall of China, the ancient capital, Xi’an, Kunming, Guangdong and Shanghai.
The comprehensive strategic partnership between UK and China was made since 10 years ago. And in the last year, the relationship looks warmer. This is one thing that will be protected.

The Moscow Times has been hacked

For the second time, The Moscow Times has been hacked and down for a few times. The hacker criticized the pro-Kremlin commenters and accused the media as anti-Putin. As the result, the site cannot be accessed in the morning. On Wednesday evening, the media group confirmed this targeted attack but until now, the actor behind the cyber-attack is still unclear.
The Motive is still Unclear
Nabi Abdullaev, the newspaper’s editor confirmed this attack too. But he did not know about the motive behind it. In December, the Moscow Times also being a targeted DDoS attack. It disrupted the site and flood it by the huge traffic. This attack disabled the site for about 2 days. But the latest attack looks not similar. Nabi Abdullaev said this is not a DDoS attack.
Political Issues
Cracker is working for a specific purpose. In the past, the most of them are just working just for popularity. But recently, the motive is growing and become more serious such as politic. The number of the commercial hacker is growing too. Their target also being focused on the ideological enemy. One of the most popular attack is DDoS. The most powerful DDoS attack also experienced by Russian website in the beginning of 2014. Qrator Labs revealed the trigger of this attack which is clearly related to the Ukraine crisis.
Hacker attacks specifically in Russia decreased in quantity, but it becomes more powerful than before. Compared to beginning of 2013, the damage is getting larger and more difficult to handle. In 2013, there are more than 4,400 distributed denial of service attacks. But in 2014, the number reduced up to 2,700 cases. But when it talks about the powerful attack, the number is increasingly up to 5 times and reached 7% of the total attack.
Government also being target
Russian media is not the only target. In recent years, government sites also being target, especially on the elections. The attack to the media sites and the government sites is growing. But this is too soon to classify it as a political attack. Although it has a political purpose, the main reason is still about money. Professional hacker do not really care about politics. They just working for money. For some of them, political instability is good for business.
The Moscow Times and Its Critics
The Moscow Times is a daily newspaper that based in English that founded in 1992. Since the tension between Russia and the West has risen, the newspaper criticize Russian government with their articles. Even a columnist from Russia, Israel Shamir accused this media as a militant anti-Putin paper. For him, the Moscow Times is a western press that supported the West.
The Moscow Times runs opinion articles from the Russian conservative commentators. Maxim Shechenko is one of them. It also published many contents about the critical state policy. A few times ago, Julia Gorbunova also criticized Russian government about the human rights in Crimea. Considering about the number of critics, Vladimir Putin signed the new law that limiting the foreign entities on the Russian media. Of course, this is to get more control to the Russian media.

Ebola Infection Suddenly Rise by Itself

The last year is the difficult time for the West Africa. But when Ebola infection looks coming to the end, the downward trend just suddenly reverse. It looks surprising of course, especially considering the downward trend that reaching the lowest rate since the end of 2014. In the other side, the additional help from the US military will be withdrawn from Liberia soon. If the Ebola infection is growing, US government may take the different action.
Ebola Infection is Rising Again
Based on the health officials, there are 124 new cases in this week. This number is growing and getting higher than the last week which only has 99 new cases. It happens on Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. In Sierra Leone, there are 80 new infections or growing about 15 cases from 65 cases on the last week. Guinea also experiencing the same thing with 39 new cases from 30 cases on the previous week. Liberia, which is reaching the highest success also reported 5 new cases. This number is a little bit higher than the previous week which only has 4 new cases.
Whether it is going to get worse?
The new trend course looks quite worrying, but it does not mean it will be the beginning of the worse things. Thomas Frieden, the director of the Disease Control and Prevention for the US center said the new record in the last week will not make a trend. One thing that can be seen from this phenomenon is about how difficult to reach zero infection rate. It takes a long time and need a hard working.
There are about 200 staffs in the West Africa. They are tracing people who exposed to the Ebola virus and treating the infected people. They are working here for a long time and working so hard to reduce the infection rate. The previous record is giving a new hope, but reaching zero rate is not easy. Although the turn of the downward trend looks so clear, the medical staff stills working hard to make the zero rate.
President Obama Shut down the US Military Operation
On Wednesday, the USA Today reported the withdrawal of the United States troops. In several weeks, the US military will come to the home and leaving 100 service members in the end of March. The mission of this troops is clear, building training center and clinics in the several locations. This is to improve the treatment act and reduce the Ebola virus infection. But considering about the situation and the rate of the Ebola case, they will be withdrawn soon.
IMF Grants $100M Debt Relief to the Ebola Countries
Treating Ebola virus give the high financial burden to the infected countries. At least, there are 3 countries suffering this epidemic. To relieve the financial burden, IMF grants $100M of debt to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. More than it, IMF also urged the other lenders to make the similar action. IMF also offered the new interest of free loans to the West African that reached $160M.