Japanese Journalist Beheaded by ISIS

There is no doubt that there are many people who want to be journalist. Being journalist is a kind of job that requires you to be brave and honest. Besides, there are so many risks that you should take while being journalist. It is obvious that there are already many cases when journalist becomes hostage of a country. Or else, it is also possible that there are journalists who are killed for spreading news to the many people. Lately, there is a case where journalist becomes a victim. A Japanese journalist, Kenji Goto was executed to death by ISIS.
Sentenced to Death
Sunday, February 1 2015, becomes a meaningful day for Japan. On this day, all Japanese holds funeral ceremony to give the last respect for Kenji Goto, a Japanese freelance journalist who had been executed by ISIS. This action is a follow up to the video posted by ISIS that shows beheading process of this journalist. The video posted online results many complaints from people all over the world. Almost everyone who watches this video tells that ISIS just showed the world how coward they are and their action should not be done since there is no humanity shown on that action.
This incident gets attention from the world. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, expressed his dissatisfaction towards this terrorism action. It is surely a part of terrorism and Japan would not be tired to face terrorism act from all over the world. He also said that this action is not humanly at all and it is surely cursed. The similar statement comes from the president of America, Barrack Obama. This incident is surely saddening since there are so many people wishing that Kenji Goto would be released. The video that shows his beheading process tear heart of those who watch it.
Live for Journalism
Speaking about Kenji Goto, this journalist contributed his life for only journalism. He traveled to war-torn countries to report a documentary about how people live their life there. The surprising fact of all, he used his own money to budget it. Instead of focusing on the war, Kenji Goto focused more on the daily life such as how children face the war environment which is not conducive for their development. Kenji Goto surely tried to reveal how cruel the effect of war to those who are not involved but trapped there. It is sure that Goto’s effort should be continued by those who care enough.
The execution of Goto’s beheading is the action that follows the negotiation between ISIS and the government of Japan. It is said that there are two Japanese hostages. ISIS demanded for $200 million for them to release the hostages. Two days before the execution, it seems like the negotiation comes to a dead-end. Goto’s fate is related to the pilot of Yordania’s air force, Muath al-Kaseasbeh. Since there is no appearance of al-Kaseasbeh on the video, his fate is still unknown. The government of Yordania still gives no clear answer to the condition of the pilot.

European Union Agrees to Cooperate with Greece

It is common for a country to have a debt from other country. For a developing country, debt is needed to run the country. However, it is obvious that the country in debt has to be thoughtful in planning country budget so there will be leftover which can be used to pay the loan. If there is no leftover, it is possible that the country should request for a debt again. It is surely bad since the debt would be high and it is hard to repay it. There is no doubt that it is the same thing faced by Greece.
Solution to Financial Problem
After electing the new prime minister, Greece seems to have issue to cut economic limitation that results high tax and massive unemployment. Alexis Tsipras stated that he will try as hard as possible so the monetary crisis in Greece can be ended. Even though it seems to be a beautiful promise, there is no good respond from the other countries which lend money to Greece. To follow this action, there are several meetings between the Greece government and Europe Union. There is no doubt that everyone wants to get the best solution for this financial problem faced by Greece.
The international creditor held a meeting with the Minister of Monetary of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis. Since the Prime Minister makes the creditors angry for his statement to erase budget limitation. They are afraid if Greece would deny repaying its debt again. That is why Varoufakis went for visit to European country which is started with a visit to Paris. This visit will be followed to a visit to other European countries such as Germany and Dutch. It is highly hoped that those visits would result better solution to overcome the financial problem happened in Greece. This step is suggested by Tsipras in order to redeem the anger.
The Responds from Other Countries
Germany has bluntly stated that they would not erase or forget Greece’s debt. Meanwhile, the Dutch government stated the similar opinion. However, all the financial leaders of Euro zone agreed to cooperate with Greece without deleting any debt made by Greece. Meanwhile, America also expressed their happiness for the recent chosen Greece’s prime minister and promised to help solving the financial problem of that country. This statement is delivered by the spokesman of United States Foreign Affair Department. Hopefully, it would really help Greece to end every single thing happens in this country.
When Tsipras got elected, there were various responds from the European countries toward it. Pablo Iglesias of Spain thought it would be a great win for Greece. Meanwhile, David Cameron of England has a different opinion by saying that it will increase the blurred economy of Europe. It does not matter the respond. As long as Greece believes that something good will happen, then it would be a great change to this country. Hopefully, there will be many better solutions to overcome Greece’s financial problem. Therefore, there would not be more citizens become disadvantaged because of the unstable status of Greece’s economy.

McDonald’s CEO Steps Down After Sales Dip

On January 28th, just five days after McDonald’s announced its first revenue drop after 12 years, they announced that their Chief Executive will leave the company on March 1st. Don Thompson, the chief executive of McDonald’s since 2012 was axed by the shareholders’ frustration toward McDonald’s poor performance. In 2014, McDonald’s profit has fallen 15 percent from the 2013 profit to only $4.7 billion. The fourth quarter of 2014 operating profit fell about 20 percent from the same quarter in 2013. McDonald’s announced that Thompson will be replaced by Briton Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s chief brand officer.
The Pressure behind the Resignation
The sales dip is the first time and the worst one since 2002. Thompson himself acknowledged during the conference call in January 23rd that 2014 was hard time for the company and that there are many headwinds. Shareholders were indeed frustrated with the news they heard, even before the formal announcement from McDonald’s. It isn’t clear whether they have pressured Thompson or not, but they were really angered by the opportunity cost they have spent. It is due to the net worth of McDonald’s share, which is less than what they had in early 2012, while the market itself has raised more than 50 percent. Over the past year, McDonald’s share has fallen 6 percent. By the time McDonald’s announced the resignation of Thompson, the share rose 3 percent.
The 2014 Headwinds
Don Thompson said that 2014 was very challenging. He also stated that the same condition will continue throughout the first semester of 2015. The headwinds they have faced since 2014 was due to many reasons. McDonald’s is fighting with economic conditions, consumer taste’s changes, and menu missteps. The last one caused 3.6 percent global customers fall. It was including 4.1 percent customers fall in the United States.
Another cause of McDonald’s sales dip was their slow service and also broad and complicated menu. The young customers also prefer for Five Guys Holding LLC, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., or Chic-fil-A Inc. for better options. To overcome the headwinds, McDonald’s already did their best efforts, as shown on creating customizable options, repairing the image, and paring back the menu. Although Thompson himself said that, “It will take time, especially in our larger markets.”
The Next CEO
Easterbrook is another longtime insider that will be McDonald’s chief executive. He actually did a great job during his career in McDonald’s. He started his career in 1993 in London. He showed his best performance and became the leader of all southern United Kingdom stores in 2001. He became CEO of McDonald’s United Kingdom in 2006. Within a year, Easterbrook’s position rose again into president of McDonald’s northern Europe. Later in 2010, he became the president of McDonald’s Europe. In 2011, he left McDonald’s and became chief executive of PizzaExpress and then Wagamama. Then, in 2013, he came back to McDonald’s as global chief brand officer.
Easterbrook himself stated that he was honored to be chosen as the leader of McDonald’s. He committed to working with McDonald’s suppliers, franchisees, and employees to serve the customers in better ways. The chairman of McDonald’s board, Andrew McKenna stated that the board believed Easterbrook can improve financial and operational performance of McDonald’s.

British Army Start Fighting in the Social Media

War is not just happen on the battlefield, shooting the enemies and throwing grenade to eliminate them. Now, war happens on the cyberspace too. ISIS is an actor that use social media platform for offensive. They use it to collect information or even recruiting armies. As the result, they got a lot of participants. The networks is growing to the entire world and getting stronger by the time. As a response, many countries building cyber-army including British.
This is not about Hacking Act Anymore
Cyber-army is the part of the cyber defense, but the unit is not a group of hackers. This is a group of soldiers that works to anticipate external threats. Based on the report of the Guardian, about 1,500 soldiers will be recruited and it will start on April. People with the good experience in social media such as journalist can take this chance too. Unlike hackers, this team will work to write information and spread it.
The Name is 77th Brigade
British army call this unit as 77th Brigade, a unit of the digital warfare. The spokesperson said this unit has been created to develop the capability for the modern combat challenges. In the modern battlefield, the action of the others may affect in many ways, including non-violent ways. Actually, this is make a sense. The other countries has been developing cyber army too. Even United States army also says if the social media is the part of the Defense Department. Beside it, radical parties also works on it.
Information, the New Bullet in the Modern War
Hacking and cracking, it has been used to damage the enemy’s system and steal the important information. But information technology is not just for this. Diplomatic is the other part of the war and has been used since a long time ago. In the modern time, it grows as information warfare and works to get the public attention. Information is not just for influencing the others. Sometimes, it also used to reduce the damage and avoid the deadly force.
Cyberwarfare in the Other Countries
Cyber-army is not just exist on a few countries. The other countries that also have cyber-army are including China, Germany, India, Iran, South Korea, Netherland, Russia and United States. All of them have been developing cyber-army since a few years ago. But when it talks about the active ones, the answer is China and United States. Israel also has a special unit that experimenting on social media. This experiment has been made for years.
Why 77th Brigade?
Actually, the name of 77th Brigade is coming from the similar unit name that fought Japanese in Burma. In World War II, 77th Brigade fought as guerrilla force. This is not a large unit. Only a few soldiers here. But unlike the other units, it used the innovative methods to win the fight. Sometimes, it looks unusual. Under the command of Major Gen. Orde Wingate, this unit successfully confusing the Japanese army. And surprisingly, they achieved the unexpected success. This is what the British military expect for this cyber-unit.

Disney’s First Quarter Revenue Thanks to ‘Frozen’ Magic

Disney’s success in gaining huge revenue after ‘Frozen’ theatrical release hasn’t stopped yet. The giant entertainment company still earns its magic through ‘Frozen’ theme parks, media networks, resorts, and merchandises. During the first quarter, Disney’s revenue on this first quarter is 9 percent higher than the same period on 2014. Disney now gains $13.4 billion, which is more than their analyst’s prediction of $12.9 billion. This high revenue was achieved due to the ‘Frozen’ hit sales during previous holiday season. Disney’s net income right now is $2.2 billion, which means around 19 percent increases from the previous year profit. After the release of Disney’s latest earning, their stock rose more than 4.4 percent to $98.23. This is another rising after Disney’s shares have risen around 30 percent during the past years.
Bob Iger’s Optimism toward ‘Frozen’
Disney’s chief executive, Bob Iger, said that the giant entertainment company is at its best performance thanks to ‘Frozen’. During the last quarter of 2014, many people and family opted for visiting Disney’s properties in California and Florida. It is the main reason on why Disney has high revenue in the first quarter of 2015. Bob Iger also stated that the result reflects the brand’s strength and high quality content that it provides to the customers. It also shows that Disney has great long term franchise strategy in all of its business segments. Iger himself had prolonged his contract with Disney to 2018.
The Contributing Performance of ‘Frozen’
‘Frozen’ had been developed by Disney into many franchise options. It is including the Disney theme park, video games, ice skating show, books, television crossover, and merchandise. Analysts around the world had predicted that ‘Frozen’ will be the giant franchise ever. It really is proven by Disney’s raising revenue. ‘Frozen’ merchandise led the 22 percent rising of Disney’s consumer product sales on the first quarter up to $1.4 billion.
Meanwhile, ‘Frozen’ theme park in Disneyland and also the resorts gained revenue of $3.9 billion or 9 percent rising during the last quarter of 2014. Other franchises, including the revenue from Disney’s media networks such as ABC Family and Disney Channels, jumped to 11 percent or around $5.86 billion.
Important Things You Should Know on Disney
Although ‘Frozen’ really drove Disney’s revenue, but the sales in studio entertainment fell around 2 percent to $1.9 billion. This was because the low selling of movie-ticketss. Even, Big Hero 6 which was released in November 2014 couldn’t compete with ‘Frozen’ success. Bob Iger stated that their company seeks for shifting to the media networks as people tend to watch movies and TV online. It can be seen from the high access of Disney’s ESPN sports network and Disney Channel through online streaming services, including Netflix and Dish. Iger is planning on directly sells the online streaming of Disney’s movies to the customers. It will be done sometimes ahead to improve profit margins.
Disney is also delaying the opening of Disneyland Shanghai which cost them $5.5 billion. There is no clear reason for this. Although the company still relies on ‘Frozen’ so much, it also hopes for other movies, such as ‘Cinderella’ live-action and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ to be more successful.

Twitter to Put Ads on Media Other than Twitter

Twitter announced on February 3rd that they will put their promoted tweets into other media. It begins with the partnerships between Twitter and Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. Before the formal announcement, ESPN was also heard as one of the channels to cooperate with Twitter. But up until now, there is no signs that this giant sports broadcaster will join the ship.
The Way to Get Earnings
Their effort in cooperating with Yahoo Japan and Flipboard was started from shareholders’ comments. During last year, there was slow user growth rate. It caused low revenue gained by Twitter in 2014. Then Twitter started building a brand new strategy and trying to sell it to the shareholders. Indeed, investors worried about the benefits of such strategy. It was last month that Twitter mentioned their initiative to the potential partners. These three parties have agreed on the advertising product that will be sold outside Twitter app.
The promoted tweets strategy was developed to gain the 185 billion unique tweets views from outside Twitter app and website. This data was gotten from July to September 2014. Well, we can still read many tweets when we browse to other websites. As an example, when we read ESPN’s SportsCenter app, we have the chance to read live tweets from various sports team and ESPN journalist. Indeed, Twitter wants to expand their 284 million users. According to Ameet Rnadive, Twitter senior product director, there will be advantage for those who are already cooperating with Twitter for long time. For thousands brands that already put their ads on Twitter, the new partnership with Yahoo Japan and Flipboard is really opening bigger opportunity. This is so because there will be more eyeballs that watch the ads.
The Mutual Relationships
In fact, both Flipboard and Yahoo Japan will get advantage from their partnership with Twitter. The promoted tweets are a good way to get more dollars. Eric Feng, chief technology officer of Flipboard said that the promoted tweets will be placed in a designated part of Flipboard. Within this section, the content of user’s Twitter is shown. Eric Feng believes that it is a powerful way to expand Flipboard monetization capabilities inside their own app. He also stated that the promoted tweets have worked perfectly in their app and can be accessed by Flipboard users soon. Although stated so, there is unclear information regarding the launching of promoted tweets product in both Yahoo Japan and Flipboard. Up until now, there is no indication about special changes in Yahoo Japan for allocating a space to promoted tweets.
Basically, Twitter will be sharing the revenue from the ads with both Flipboard and Yahoo Japan. Unfortunately, Twitter themselves didn’t want to share the way the revenue will be split among the media partners. People, including Twitter shareholders, are still questioning how profitable this partnership will be. Other big media are still unsure about joining the promoted tweets cooperation. They actually can sell the ads by themselves and by joining Twitter; it means they reduce the chance of gaining more profits.
Twitter decision in developing this strategy is seen as reaching potential audience in broader area with targeting data. Even, Ian Schafer, the chief executive of Deep Focus, stated that this is a very promising business in the future.

Indonesia to Execute Two Australians of Bali Nine Drug Convicts

Indonesia is going to execute two drug smugglers from Australia named Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Previously, they were arrested in Bali in April 2005 due to illegal import of 8.3 kilograms or 18 pounds of heroin which are strapped to the body. Chan and Sukumaran were known as two members of a group named Bali Nine. The two got their death sentence in 2006. Later, they requested a judicial review of their death sentence to be 20 years of jail. If Indonesia does the execution, it would exacerbate their relationship with Australia.
The Sentence Could Worsen Indonesia-Australia Tie
Previously, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that they will do any possible thing without injured the ties between Australia and Indonesia. Australia already sent an appeal toward the death sentence, but Indonesia rejected it. The reason behind this rejection is no leniency for drug smugglers. Indeed, the name of Chan and Sukumaran weren’t on the list of death execution which was released earlier. But on Monday, February 2nd, Indonesia’s Attorney General HM Prasetyo said that Chan and Sukumaran were included into the next death execution. Prasetyo stated that it was based on the information that many Australians agree with the execution. This was why Indonesia pushed forward the death execution for those two convicts. Up until now, there is unclear information about when the execution will be done.
Indeed, if Indonesia are really serious about executing these two drug convicts, the relationship between Indonesia and Australia could be worse. Previously, the Netherlands and Brazil recalled their ambassadors from Indonesia after this country executed their two citizens. It is possible that Australia will do the same when Sukumaran and Chan are facing the firing squad. There will be many protests from both countries too. Indeed, there are Indonesian people who don’t agree with Joko Widodo’s decision on the death execution. There will be public protests raise in Australia too. This will be another tensions toward the relationship of Indonesia and Australia.
The Previous Execution
Indonesia executed six drug convicts on January 18. It was including citizens of Nigeria, Malawi, Brazil, Vietnam, and Netherlands. Indonesia ignored the last minute appeals from presidents of the mentioned countries and directly did the execution. Still in the execution line is 130 people. This list consists of 2 convicted terrorists and 57 drug convicts from various countries, including Indonesia itself.
This was done according to the strict law erected by Indonesian President Joko Widodo. He said that he won’t give any forgiveness toward any drug dealers, no matter what their nationality is. It is quite different with the predecessor president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Joko Widodo stated that this action is needed to show that Indonesia’s future is really under the threat of drugs. His statement was built based on the data given by National Narcotics Board of Indonesia, which shows that more than 50 Indonesians die from drug everyday. The chief of National Narcotics Board of Indonesia also admitted that it was due to the involvement of prison guards who distributing the drugs in the jails. He said that his team will dismantle around 50 drug networks in the prisons and also rehabilitate around 100,000 drug addicts.

Yahoo to Spin Off Yahoo Small Business and Alibaba’s Shares

Yahoo! Inc. announced that in the spin off of its Alibaba shares, it will also include Yahoo Small Business. This statement is shown on Yahoo Small Business Tumblr page on February 3rd. Yahoo Small Business will be moved to a brand new public company with 384 million shares of Alibaba owned by Yahoo! Inc.
On their Tumblr page, Ameer Akhtar, the Head of Yahoo Small Business mentioned that Yahoo Small Business is an active trade business in their Q4 and full year 2014 earning announcement. According to the blog post, “With this new opportunity, we can invest even more in our platform and chart our own course.”
The Reason behind Spin Off
The plan of spin off was unveiled last week by Yahoo! Inc. Yahoo Small Business is included in the tax free plan. Indeed, Yahoo! Inc. is going to avoid $16 billion corporate income tax. They do this by spinning of 384 million shares of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd which worth $40 billion. The spin off is later formed into an investment company named SpinCo. In order to fulfill the tax break, Yahoo! Inc. has to release one of its businesses which have operated for at least five years. The spin off will be finished by the end of 2015. Ken Goldman, Yahoo Chief Financial officer stated last week that Yahoo Small Business earn $50 million of adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.
Yahoo! Inc. then decided that it will be Yahoo Small Business which will be spun off to SpinCo. The reason behind the choice is unclear. But many predict that this is based on Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! Inc. Chief Executive’s vision. Marissa Mayer’s plan for Yahoo! Inc. is for prioritizing social, video, mobile, and native ads.
About Yahoo Small Business
Yahoo Small Business was previously known as Viaweb. This startup company was founded by Paul Graham. In 1998, Viaweb was acquired by Yahoo! Inc. for $49 million. Graham himself became investor in several tech startups. He founded the YCombinator, the startup incubator. Later, Yahoo! Inc. renamed it into Yahoo Store, and after that into Yahoo Small Business. Since 1998, Yahoo Small Business provided many e-commerce business services. It sells domain name, local listing services, e-commerce tools, and also web hosting. Yahoo Small Business helps small business that has no technical expertise to build their website. What different from Amazon and eBay is the fact that Yahoo hosts the stores’ site. The customers are spread around the world, reaching around 1.5 million customers. Several popular customers are the jewelry outlet of Emitations.com, the fashion site GoJane.com, and guitar string seller StringsandBeyond.com.
In the Yahoo Small Business Update on their Tumblr page, Amer Akhtar stated that they are currently developing the details of the infrastructure and organization. They are mapping the additional investment for their platform and services too. Thus, they can ensure that the customers get the highest level of support. On the same post, Amer Akhtar said that “We remain 100% committed to providing the highest level of service possible to you, our loyal customers, whose businesses rely on our products and services.”

Obama’s Tax Policies

President of US, Barack Obama valued that he was making misguided about his tax policies. As it is announced by his government, he makes the mixing of tax reforms, such as his progressive tax proposal that purposed to make fairer income tax for every level of civilians, and in the other side he increased the individual tax from the wealthiest in America that will reduce the tax for people from lower and Middle American. These policies including for limit the tax benefit for the deductive items, measuring back for mega tax break for gaining capital and larger states and ensure that the hedge fund pay the share.
Obama Individual Tax policies
In the tax cutting, Obama take more tax credit expand for caring children and expense for education, boost income tax earn for the under- age worker, and give new tax break point for every new earning level couple. It means that, every tax cut is will be use for the every level of the society that has been mentioned before. Unfortunately, this tax cutting proposal is rejected by the congress and many people are disappointed with the rejection. Obama that said this proposal with “mid level opportunity” believe that with the redistribution target tax cutting in his proposal, will make change by new power for the new tax increasing, and it is measured with almost $2 trillion in the next run decade and increasing use if financial earning tax cut from families that come from low and middle class.
Congress Denouncing Obama Budgets
The Republican congress member, Paul Ryan that echo House ways and means denounce the Obama Tax cut and proposal as budget that comes from envy economic. Next, they are proposing for other alternative that just makes the next two years of next government need to accuse the other welfare waging class accused for tax cut. Both of two parties in Congress are likely agreed with the opinion about the middle class reverse stagnant and become the national priority in the top. Americans are need for the other economic growth that they’re never seen after 1990, where the government and unemployment people are rates in 4% in each year. It is a great number of ineffective people that not earn money for earn income tax and give effective funding for government.
Obama Budget Tax Illustration
For the illustration, Obama budget in Tax cut actually containing for important keys for enhancing the growth features. His means that spending more than$478 billion in repairing and modernizing American aging roads, public service facility and other infrastructure in the next 6 years in the future. He also proposes for increasing number in Research and Development federal government about 6%, especially for medical research. Ina addition, Obama also proposed that they are able to take more mobility upward that makes more career job training and job apprentices are likely increasing to be held, and spur for enterprise project in the future. Officially, Obama is hope that his budget that are very benefit for middle class and lower class increasing level and earn their income will be continued in the next congress and government.

Police and Their Responds to the Crisis in People

In the latest time, there was increased number of cases and protest for police department that comes from their police aggression and action of respond to the people with crisis in their health and emotion. Police that have heavy and deep tension from their job, when they meet with people that have crisis in their mental and emotion sometimes take the incident that makes protest in anywhere due to their reaction with law enforcement and harassment. The racism also becomes the factors that including for the recent protest that come from the shoot from a police to the colored man.
Police misread the Condition
The misconception from condition and message from people with crisis in emotional and health is need to be more deeply skilled to police. They also need to be more effectively in persuasion with the suspect and take more prevention to the harmless action rather than use violence. The recent research say that police now are getting deep stress with their activity and responsibilities, and when they are face with the condition that deeply high tension such as facing with crisis people and other issues, they are potential to harm with violence. Therefore, there are need for law enforcement that will stabilize those more and if it is possible, the enforcement is taking for disability physiatrist. From the last year, there are incident that takes the police aggressive action to individual that disabled from manner and comply. For example are the incidents that occur in St Louis that caused Kajieme Powell death or in Milwaukee that caused Dontre Hamilton death. From the mental observer, from the incident they take final decisions that both of two persons are not able to follow the police order in correctly and for that reasons, they are shoot and killed. This is cases were police officer are not able to handle the mental health condition complexity.
Psychiatric Disabilities recognize
With the law enforcement that recent police take for their action, there will be more potential harm and damage that makes people are react with the unacceptable reaction. The encounter that appears when people that have psychiatric disability meet with law enforcement are increased since police are not able to recognize for the sign and symptom for the mental health and there always will be occurred for situations that come with level of threatened people that are difficult to make it look peacefully. The latest incident that comes with incident in police office in Longwood Texas where the young seventeen years old girl come with message written in her hand “I have a gun” with knife in her hand was shoot by police officer is the mixing incident that causes by mental health transcend, class level and gender. There need to be more persuasion approaches when the police office meets with several conditions that will reduce for the unnecessary death rate. They need to be trained to hold with several conditions and how to handle the condition without killed person that less harmless when they are meet with this psychiatric disability.